Why do dogs make people happy?


As any dog lover will know even as soon as we see a dog we immediately feel a smile stretch across our face, but there is a reason that dogs make us so happy.

Dogs are loyal affectionate companion’s that rely on their owners care which is one reason we love them so much as they make us feel needed, I mean what would they do without their doting owners feeding and walking them everyday. They make us more responsible as we know that we need to put them first and make sure they are well looked after. Walking  them keeps us fit making dog owners happier through exercise and also more sociable as you often meet new people out walking their dogs but perhaps the most interesting way dogs make up happy is by the chemical effect on our brains when we spend time with one.

After petting a dog for only a few minutes we begin to feel more relaxed as we relive our stress our heart rate and blood pressure lowers, we then go through hormonal changes which makes the brain release oxytocin a feel good hormone which promotes happiness.

Spending time with dogs has been linked to a decrease in depression and anxiety in both children ad adults as  they increase our serotonin levels some research has shown that having a dog to bond with can actually be more effective than anti anxiety drugs. The effect that they have on our mood has also helped people with addictions control them as many addictions are linked to feeling empty or lonely and with a dog people no longer feel this way.

All these benefits that we experience as a result of having a furry friend is why we are always so happy to see them. how can we not be when they physically and mentally make us feel better.

Watch this video to find out more





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