Furry Arsonist

Labrador sets fire to owners house when left alone for an hour.

A Scottish couple left their 6 month old black Labrador Harris alone in the house for only an hour, and when they came home they were met with thick black smoke as their house was on fire.

The curious puppy had managed  to push a fruit basket on to the hob of the cooker and then turn it on, by the time the owners returned the smoke was so bad that Harris was found unconscious with his head in his water bowl. His owners were able to carry him outside where they phoned the fire brigade who swiftly put out the fire and  saved Harris’s life by giving him oxygen.

Harris was able to make a full recovery after some time in intensive care at his vets however he had caused over £1000 of damage to his home despite the fire being contained to the kitchen the rest of the house did sustain serious smoke damage meaning it was deemed unliveable for a few weeks.

His owners believe they are incredibly lucky that it wasn’t any worse and that they got home when they did as if Harris was left longer he would have died of smoke inhalation, they are still unsure of how he managed to knock over the basket and turn the cooker on but they will definitely make sure it doesn’t happen again.